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We are a lifestyle apparel line and brand developed by Dylan Bueno and Stephanie Bueno. Featuring the SLACKTYDE logo and specialty tie dye and bleach work. 

Here at SLACKTYDE we want you to remember to relax and enjoy the pause in life when the water is calm. Our story has been a journey of some pretty crazy tides! Some of the tough times in life are consuming and devastating and it’s taken us some time to understand, heal and

enjoy the slack tide. It might only last one hour but one hour of complete calm in the middle of a crazy day, reminds us we can endure whatever tide comes our way and take that moment to enjoy the right now!

We believe in giving back. One of our favorite ways is to volunteer helping with Project Surf Camp, an organization for children with special needs to have the opportunity to get in the ocean to surf and paddleboard. It comes with amazing rewards, many of the campers have to overcome their own fear, sensory and social differences. It's powerful to experience their brave breakthrough moments. Take a peek at our "Look Book" to see those captured moments. 

The true definition of slack tide is: The occurrence of relatively still water at the turn of the tide. Slack water, tide- the periodic rise and fall of the sea level under the gravitational pull of the moon.

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