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One afternoon my oldest son Blake came in holding a name brand shirt.

"Mom, where's B?" he asked, using the nickname my late husband gave our daughter Dylan. 

"She's not here. What's up?" I said. 

"Well, my friend gave me this really cool (said name brand) shirt. It’s 1 out of only 10 shirts made, but it has a stain on it. I was wondering if she could tie dye it for me?” He explained. 

So when 15-year-old Dylan got home she did it, and Blake began to wear the shirt. When he got compliments or friends would say “Dude where did you get that (name brand) shirt?” Blake would reply with "My little sister did it. It was 1 out of 10 now it’s 1 out of 1!" It didn't take long before the friend group started bringing their shirts  and hoodies to have Dylan tie die or bleach. She began to create her own tie dye designs on plain shirts and sold them to a local shop on the Embarcadero in our home town Morro Bay. With this success we decided that we needed a logo for the shirts, and we started brainstorming. We wanted something to represent Morro Bay but also something kind of cryptic or intriguing that maybe not everyone knows about. After countless hours and super late nights, which didn't matter because it was 2020 and we were quarantined, SLACKTYDE morro bay, ca was born.

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